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Kladana - Bitrix24 Gateway

Description of the application "Kladana Gateway" and "Bitrix24 Gateway".

The " Kladana Gateway" from Bitrix24.Market is FREE for all time without any conclusions.

The " Bitrix24 Gateway" from Kladana App Marketplace is free up to Autumn 2023.
After Rs. 1500/month (ulimited users).

The current version of the application is provided "as is" for evaluation purposes.

Data exchange can be carried out in manual and automatic modes. All the necessary information between "Bitrix24" and "Kladana" is transferred automatically without creating any intermediate files.

You can upload the whole "Kladana" product catalogue to "Bitrix24" with Title, Description and Prices.

The application implements a two-way exchange for Deals and Invoices created or modified in "Bitrix24" or in "Kladana". Information about the Compsny is transmitted together with Document data.