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Custom parameters

You can add an unlimited count of additional parameters to each template. These parameters are expand of the current document.
Important: parameter ID must contain only letters and digits. Using other symbols is forbidden. Don't start id by digit. You can use digits only by 2nd position.

  • parameter ID - an internal variable, used by the application
  • name - is the external name of the parameter, may contain any set of characters. Parameter name is used in the drop-down menu while template editing.
  • type of the parameter - determines the type of value
  • default - depending on the type, may be used to set default value ​​or to select the reference.

There are several types of parameters:

  • String / Number - the easiest option
  • Date - while editing the document will be able to select a date from the calendar
  • List - allowed to organize a drop-down list of items
  • Text - any large text, html is supported
  • Reference - a link to the inner reference . Also it allows you to organize the drop-down list.
  • Image - a link to the inner kind of reference. Also it allows you to organize the drop-down list with images. The main value for this one is image.